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    Hi and Welcome to my blog! I'm Sarah and first and foremost I am a proud USCG wife to my wonderful "Coastie" husband, and momma to our two beautiful children (Aka our: "Coastie Brats") Garrett, 6 and Avery, 3. Secondly, I am a photographer following her passion in life. I have been "shooting on purpose" for about the last two and a half years, however I have had a lifelong love for photography, great photographers, capturing memories, and seeing the world through the camera lens. That love intensified with the birth of my children as I found myself wanting to capture every new moment and milestone of their little lives. I found myself rediscovering the world in a whole new way... through their eyes. I have been reminded by their innocence and new discoveries to slow down and really take in the world around us.  It is now that I realize just how sweet life truly is!

    This blog serves as a place where I share my current photography and is a mix of both personal and professional work. So if you love photography then we will get along fabulously! My photography style is a fusion of relaxed and real or candid moments with a sprinkle of posed and studio work. My first love is for natural light and prefer to use it when available! I look forward to capturing all of life's special moment's for you and your family! May your memories be a reflection of the sweetness that is life!

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Feel free to contact me at sarahhendersonphoto@yahoo.com and please click on the link at the top to view my portfolio!

{Southern Sassin’}


If you would have told me 7 years ago that I would be momma to two southern born, southern twangin’, and southern sassin’ babies, I never would have believed you! Yet here I sit with just that! And if you would have told me just over 4 years ago that our baby girl would come into our lives a full month preterm, and then grow at a rapid speed, I would have politely told you to “Hush your mouth”. Yet here I sit, and another year has passed… Avery Laikyn is FOUR!! In a flash she has grown, and I still don’t understand why she’s rushing this process. She surely must know that her momma is not quite ready for her to not be a baby anymore, right?


Avery is such a hoot! Here’s a few of her currents that keep us full of laughter:

She has a serious case of the “Eeny Meeny Miney Mo’s”. She must first weigh all of her options, and then sing it out until she gets the result she’s truly looking for! Her finger always seems to land on the one she wanted the most.;)

She’s our little hoola hoopin’ professional. Cutest little hiney shake you ever saw while keeping that hoop going!

She loves to twirl and do “Bal-luh-lay”.

She skips EVERYWHERE. “I have amazing skipping powers!”

On that first day of summer 2007, Avery Laikyn entered our lives, and our little Coastie family became even more full of love and joy than we could ever imagined. Yet here we sit 4 years later with a FOUR year old! Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Your smile and infectious laughter captivate us, and your strong will, determination, and sass are going to take you places (and not just to time out! lol) We love you! Moon and Back!

We attempted a mini birthday session a few evenings ago. Unfortunately we only had one small (gorgeous) pocket of light to work with that was quickly disappearing. As soon as we ventured out across the street Avery caught sight of our friends playing at the park right and suddenly was no longer interested in having her picture taken in her pretty Kinder Kouture Rosy Dress. She was no longer interested in having her pictures taken, period. :)We attempt round two while we are in CALIFORNIA! That’s right! We are leaving on a jet plane in the morning to see Grammie and Grampa! We will be back in a month! See ya then!!:)











{ Love is Sweet | Macro Monday }


Smiles From the Heart:

Valentine’s surprises from the hubby. He got me good. And topped it all off with the most perfect card.

Precious homemade cards from my babies. I’m so blessed!

Watching my kidlets delight in giving others their love day treats!

Littlemans classroom party.


Flip flops. My toes are SO happy right now!

The warmth of sunshine on my face. SO good for this lady’s soul!

A day full of LOVEly celebration! And cupcakes. (Did I already mention those?)

{ The Love Tree }



Just a bunch of hearts hanging out in the snow. The previous sentence pretty much sums up how our week has been spent. We have completely embraced the powdery white stuff. Instead of cursing our first winter here in Arkansas, we are thoroughly enjoying it and soaking up every fun moment the season brings. I am so happy to spend these days together as a family, playing in the snow to our little hearts content.

Smiles From the Heart:

Snow days.

Catching up on the entire final season of Friday Night Lights with my hubby. We will surely miss that show. (Tim Riggins, ‘Nuff said.)

Sledding and building jumps in the snow. SO. MUCH. FUN! (Not that us adults would ever partake in such childish activities or anything.;))

Whatever that delicious smell is that’s coming from the oven. Hubby is surprising me with another dessert. Love that man.

Watching our baby girl plop down and make snow angels wherever and whenever she see’s fit.

{ Wordless Wednesday }


Smiles From the Heart:

An afternoon of adventure with my little family and catching snowflakes on our tongues.

Hubby measuring the snowfall.

Snuggly nap with my littleman.

Snow Cream.

{ Macro Monday }


“You were always meant to have my heart.”

Smiles From the Heart:

Shooting for me. Even though I was fully aware that my neighbors were laughing at me as I stood out in the snow capturing these (*cough* Mandy *cough*), I needed fresh inspiration and to let my creativity flow for nobody else but myself. It was pure bliss and I fully intend on making it a regular habit.

A great conversation with the hubby.

Catching up with my Bonnie. She is being auctioned off in a fundraiser. If any of you eligible bachelors out there in the Eagle County, CO area are looking to support a great cause while scoring a date with one gorgeous and hilarious gal, LET YOUR BIDDING BEGIN!

My baby girl upon finding the butterfly wings to a costume she wore when she was a year old exclaiming: “Now I can go to butterfly school!”

Littleman’s story he wrote tonight, and the picture he drew to accompany it. I simply adore watching the wheels in his brain work. It FASCINATES me.

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