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{ The products of our love }

46/365 Anyone that knows me knows that I have a fascination/love/obsession with photographing feet. Ok really, I am not obsessed, I just find them interesting. Not interesting in the sense that I want to necessarily touch them… unless we are talking about babies toes or the two sets of little feet in this shot… then...

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{ Happy Love Day! }

45/365 From Our Little Coastie Family to you! <3 Meet the wall. MY wall. Yes, I am staking claim whether the City of Milton likes it or not. Isn’t it the most fabulous wall you have EVER laid eyes on? A little over a year ago some of the buildings in old town Milton burned....

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{ Snow, Snowww, Snowwwwwww! }

43/365 “Standing outside with my mouth open wide, Ah ah-ah Ah ah-ah Ah ah-ah Ah“ There is nothin’ quite like catching snowflakes on your tongue. And that’s exactly what we got to do today. We had about a 15 min snow flurry before the rain mixed back in. We rushed outside to play while it...

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{ THE Grammie is here!!! }

42/365 My momma made it in this morning bright and early. As I am typing this she is in MY kitchen cooking ME some yummy Moroccan chicken and polenta… and asparagus. How spoiled am I?We had a great day thus far beginning with breakfast as soon as I picked her up from the airport. Then...

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{ My Love Bugs }

41/365 I am making this quick tonight because as we speak my momma is driving to the airport in Sacramento and will be catching a red eye to Pensacola and will be here in the morning!!!!! I am just slightly excited. I haven’t seen her in a year, and something just isn’t right with that...

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