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{ Sour Grapes }

27/365 4/52 Would you know what to do if your child were choking? Would you remain calm and cool, with a clear head? Would you remember what you had been taught all those years ago in that CPR class you took with your 4-H group? Or would you remember exactly what you were taught NOT...

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{ Hunter }

25/365 On Sunday my hubby took our kidlets to the Arkansas Big Buck Classic. They had an absolute blast and are still talking about all of the fun things they saw and did. (Including a money collecting monkey named “Monkers” who would apparently put quarters in his pocket or kiss a picture of himself and...

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{ Macro Monday }

24/365 “Winter’s Sweetest Tears” Smiles from the Heart: My baby brother sending me a special song. A song from the very first CD he ever owned at the ripe ol’ age of… three. Oh how that song was forever on replay as we made the long and curvy drive to and from school (or in...

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{ Perfectly painted picture }

15/365 3/52 When it happens, it brings a smile to my face. When I capture a single image that conveys our family, it warms my heart like nothing else. A more perfect picture could not be painted: The boys horsing around, Avery in all her pinkness on a mission, and me… quietly watching it all...

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{ Snow Berries| Macro Monday }

10/365 In the blink of an eye the Winter Berries of last week have transformed into the Snow Berries of today… I have to admit, this snow stuff is fun. It’s beautiful, peaceful, and exciting.  There is something so refreshing about waking up to the world around us covered in a flawless blanket of white....

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