{ The blame game }


Today was an out of sorts type of day for this momma. Perhaps it was the residual effects of last nights benadryl still lingering in my body?  Or the lack of sleep due to 4 am phone calls? No matter the cause, I have been ready for bed since I first crawled out from under the sheets this morning. We had plans to meet with friends this afternoon and do a little buddies photo session but about an hour before we were to meet my littleman woke up from a nap with the rosiest cheeks. (He is not one to normally nap these days) Oh no! I thought as I reached to feel his forehead. Oh dear… he was on fire. The thermometer confirmed my fears, he was indeed running a fever. I was quick to get some tylenol in him and some fluids and do a little assessment. “Do your ears hurt?” “No.” “Does your throat feel funny?” “No.” “What about your nose? Is it bothering you?” “No.”  Hmmm a mysterious feverAha! I know who is to fault for this! Jeannine! She sabotaged me by even implying that he might be moody last night because he could possibly be getting sick. Yes. I blame her.:) Once the assessment was over with and I had no answers I did the only thing I could think of and gave him have a big bowl of ice cream… what can I say? I had a weak moment and thought this would make him feel all better. Besides, we are out of popsicles. Naturally.

Today’s Smiles from the Heart:

My baby girl bumping her tummy on the coffee table and then saying “I need a bandaid on my foot!” lol

Tylenol. You rock. One dose of you and my little man had turned back into a chatterbox. A chatterbox with the most adorable twinkling brown eyes. Have I mentioned those eyes before? Just checking.

Those same twinkling brown eyes coming in here and asking for more ice cream as I sit here typing this now. Garrett: “Momma, can I have more ice cream?” Me: “How are you feeling?” Garrett: “Well it’s OK if I don’t feel good because I’m happy!” My cup runneth over… This alone was a big enough smile for the entire day. I’m off to have ice cream with my babies and then crawl into bed early. Goodnight!

January 27, 2010 - 5:06 am

Stacey Lund - Hope your little man feels better soon.

January 23, 2010 - 9:04 pm

Jeannine - The blame game, huh? LOL. Well, remind me to blame it on something else next time. HA. Hope he feels better, and you too. I am right there with you in getting to bed earlier tonight. Cannot handle another sleepless night. Of course, you need to tell Hubby to leave you alone. Great idea with the picture. You are so creative. Maybe I will learn something else from you.

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