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You could say it was destiny (or perhaps fate), and we would agree with you. Our path was laid out for us long before we ever knew the course. Upon first learning of our orders sending us here to Arkansas, we were leery. Arkansas was not exactly the dream destination we had hoped for. But we took it in strides. It meant months apart, and months of uncertainty, but that all was swept away when we were able to be together again, as a complete family, in… Arkansas.

Hubby says “It’s a sign”. A phrase that I have heard many times in the 10 1/2 years that I we have been together. But this is his reasoning (clearly VERY well thought out) as to why the US Coast Guard would send us here eventually:

Cutter: Our first kitty. Hubby, after 11 + years serving in the Coast Guard is now aboard his very first cutter.

Kilo: Our second kitty. Kilo was hubby’s Company name in boot camp. It also happens to be the military alphabet for the letter “K”. The cutter hubby is aboard starts with the letter “K”. USCGC Kanawha.

Delta: Our first dog. Hubby works the Arkansas and Mississippi Delta’s.

Buoy: Our infamous English Bulldog. Or maybe he’s just notorious? At any rate, hubby works Buoys as his job.

So whether you call it fate, or destiny… we are here because this is where our path was meant to lead. Where God wanted us to be — for now. In a little house on the corner of Alabama and California (hubby says “thats a sign” too! As I am from California lol) nestled on Little Rock Airforce Base. (I realize we have a guinea pig named Bugsy. I sincerely hope his name is not a sign of things to come. Momma doesn’t do bugs.;))

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! A New Year, new journey, new memories… and i simply can’t wait to see what this year brings! I LOVE fresh starts and new beginnings! Just like droplets quietly resting on flower petals after a springtime shower– fresh, new, and full of POSSIBILITY. In 2011 May I love deeper, help more, do more, see more, laugh more, and JUST BE more. This year I vow to make my husband and kidlets feel even more special than they already are. They have BLESSED my life beyond my wildest dreams and I Love them to the MOON AND BACK! I shall spend my days honoring that!

As you can see we are starting another installment of “Moon and Back Memories”. I hope y’all are as excited as I am!! This project started last year as a daily glimpse at life through my lens. This is a personal journey I am taking to help keep me passionate, to inspire creativity within myself, and to hopefully expand my photographic and post processing skills. The project is named “Moon and Back Memories” in honor of my Little Coastie Family. I hope that you enjoy taking this journey with me! ?

For 2011 I am taking a slightly different approach. I hope you will enjoy it just the same! Thanks to everyone who gave me such compliments with last years project. This year will be a mix of both cell phone shots, and Sarah Henderson Photography portraits. Basically a 52 (one photo per week) within a 365 (one photo per day). Here’s to an exciting new twist on this adventure! ?

Smiles from the heart:

Chit chats with girlfriends.

Ringing in the new year as a family with our neighbors and friends!

The homemade presents that my babies are showering me with! I love that they have the spirit of giving in their sweet little souls!

The possibilities of fresh, new beginnings.

Resolutions. Honestly, they give me hope for the year! I have a long list. I *might* get a thing or two crossed off!

The comfort of knowing that it all brought us HERE to THIS. <3 Two songs that speak to my heart. Click on the links to take a listen!

January 2, 2011 - 5:07 pm

Renee - Hmmm, I’m thinking the California sign is a HUGE sign and that you’ll end of here someday!! You’d better start rethinking your pet’s names in the future :)

January 1, 2011 - 10:06 pm

Jeannine - Cute pic. Sounds like you are happy. :) Hope you guys had a nice New Year! Will call tomorrow with the kids.

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