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Would you know what to do if your child were choking? Would you remain calm and cool, with a clear head? Would you remember what you had been taught all those years ago in that CPR class you took with your 4-H group? Or would you remember exactly what you were taught NOT to do, and then do it anyways because even though you know it’s wrong, you can’t 100% remember the correct way to do the Heimlich maneuver on a child?

I lived this very scenario this past week, and it scared me to my very core. As a parent, this was one of those “worst fears” scenarios. Avery and I were watching tv, she on the little couch, and I on the big couch just a few feet from where she sat. I heard a strange noise coming from her direction, and as I looked to see what she was doing my eyes met her very scared, wide, eyes on her panic stricken face. That strange noise was not a cough, it was not a gasp, it was panic. (I’m not sure I could ever re create that noise, and I pray that I NEVER hear it again.) As I jumped up I asked “Are you choking?” and she nodded “yes”. In a matter of seconds I did EXACTLY what you are taught to NOT do– I stuck my finger down her throat in a failed attempt to retrieve the lodged object. My heart sank, and my fear rose, but by the grace of God a grape came flying out of her throat with force just a split second later.  I don’t know if I moved the grape, or if  gagging her when I stuck my finger in her throat caused it to move just enough that she was able to get some air and finally cough. Regardless, I am SO thankful that she is ok, and I learned a few things:

1. Avery is no longer allowed to eat whole grapes until she is 18. We’ll revisit the idea then.

2. I need to take a CPR class STAT.

3. I might have remained fairly calm in the moment, but my logic was ridiculous: “I don’t remember how to do the Heimlich on a child, so hey! Why don’t I do the one thing I specifically remember being taught NOT to do?) *Shaking my head*

4. My children the most resilient creatures ever. Just a couple of minutes later Avery was back to her bouncy little self. She later claimed that the “Grape made her foot hurt”. lol

Smiles From The Heart:

My baby girl safe and sound.

Our kidlets deciding that it is the coolest thing ever to sit in momma and daddy’s seats at the dinner table. And switching all of our names to fit our “special seats”. I L <3 VE the simple things that make their hearts so full of joy.

Coffee date with girlfriends.

The sweetest gift from such a special friend. She makes me smile! (Stay tuned for more on this! )

February 2, 2011 - 9:57 pm

Summer Lacey - That is always a fear of mine as well! SO thankful she is OKAY! I agree no grapes until she is 18 at least ;)

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