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    Hi and Welcome to my blog! I'm Sarah and first and foremost I am a proud USCG wife to my wonderful "Coastie" husband, and momma to our two beautiful children (Aka our: "Coastie Brats") Garrett, 6 and Avery, 3. Secondly, I am a photographer following her passion in life. I have been "shooting on purpose" for about the last two and a half years, however I have had a lifelong love for photography, great photographers, capturing memories, and seeing the world through the camera lens. That love intensified with the birth of my children as I found myself wanting to capture every new moment and milestone of their little lives. I found myself rediscovering the world in a whole new way... through their eyes. I have been reminded by their innocence and new discoveries to slow down and really take in the world around us.  It is now that I realize just how sweet life truly is!

    This blog serves as a place where I share my current photography and is a mix of both personal and professional work. So if you love photography then we will get along fabulously! My photography style is a fusion of relaxed and real or candid moments with a sprinkle of posed and studio work. My first love is for natural light and prefer to use it when available! I look forward to capturing all of life's special moment's for you and your family! May your memories be a reflection of the sweetness that is life!

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Feel free to contact me at sarahhendersonphoto@yahoo.com and please click on the link at the top to view my portfolio!

{ Perfectly painted picture }



When it happens, it brings a smile to my face. When I capture a single image that conveys our family, it warms my heart like nothing else. A more perfect picture could not be painted: The boys horsing around, Avery in all her pinkness on a mission, and me… quietly watching it all from behind my lens. <3

Smiles from the Heart:

This picture.

“In Spite of disappointment, I choose happiness.” ~ Jasmine Star

Knowing that even though I couldn’t be at Imaging USA with my girls as planned, they are having a blast and learning so much! AND keeping me updated via texts and lots of pictures! <3 you ladies!!!

Learning Texas Hold ‘Em.

Fish fry with friends.

Hubby’s birthday.

{ Snow Berries| Macro Monday }


In the blink of an eye the Winter Berries of last week have transformed into the Snow Berries of today…

I have to admit, this snow stuff is fun. It’s beautiful, peaceful, and exciting.  There is something so refreshing about waking up to the world around us covered in a flawless blanket of white. I find myself waffling between wanting it to stay perfectly untouched, or jumping in to make a snow angel…

Smiles from the heart:

Two days of sledding, snowman constructing, and tromping through the snow with nowhere to go, and nowhere to be, but together. <3

{ Love is all that matters after all. }

7/365,  2/52

The spirit of giving was in his heart, and Christmas morning he beamed as he reached under the tree and handed each of us our special gifts. These gifts cost him exactly nothing to make, but hold far more worth than even the most extravagant of diamonds or gold. Our littleman’s from- the- heart hand drawn messages remind us that LOVE is all that matters after all… and that my friends is priceless.

Smiles from the Heart:

Seeing Garrett’s gift to me hanging in the corner of my dresser mirror every day. A daily reminder of how lucky I am to have such love.

Hubby returning from California!!

Coffee date with girlfriends, and our sleuthy ways. (or maybe it’s our new stalker tendencies? Either way we are having fun on this mission!)

The joy on my kidlets faces as they made dinner tonight for us.

Avery exclaiming: “That was FUN making dinner, momma!” (It tasted great too!)

Garrett’s straight “A” report card. SO stinkin’ proud of him again! Not sure where he gets all his smarts from?

The weather forecast says SNOW is in our immediate future!:)

New snow boots for all of us!

Our family, together again. Complete. <3

{ Wordless Wednesday }

{ Winter Berries | Macro Monday }


For years I have admired her work and have had such pleasure watching her blossom into an amazing photographer. I’m honored to call her a friend. I am no Summer Lacey, but with a lot of hand-holding and help from her I am hoping to grow in my macro photography this year. This is my very first attempt of 2011 in that area. As I was shooting the words: “What Would Summer Do?” kept flashing in my head. I have a lot to live up to if she is going to be my mentor.:)

If you are in need of some eye candy, head over to Summer’s site and view her lovely breaths of nature, and other gorgeousness caught with her creative eye, and the magic she works with her macro lens. You can thank me later!;)

Smiles From the Heart:

Sweet encouraging words from friends and family. I am so blessed by you all!

Being a shoulder that a friend could lean on. Not sure if I have the right words or answers, but I try. And I am touched knowing that she was comfortable enough to come to me. <3

My daughters creative art creations. Art is interpretive, and she was hilarious interpreting hers on the steamy shower door.

A great first day back at school for my littleman!

All of the new dances he learned in P.E class.

Hubby safely arriving in California!

Pure  joy.

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